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Mark Wahlberg

Movie star Mark Wahlberg knows a lot about awards-- he's won a ton of them, after all. That's why he's the perfect host for the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards! This year he's coming at ya with more choice, more awesomeness, and more slime than ever. On your Mark, get set, and get ready for the most kick-butt KCAs yet!

Luke and Wyatt

Not since fish and chips, pie and sauce or spaghetti and tacos has there ever been a better suited combo than Luke and Wyatt.

A musical comedy duo hailing from Western Australia, Luke and Wyatt will be bringing all the slime and good times from Nickelodeon’s 27th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards to living rooms across Australia and New Zealand.

During their time at Nick, the boys have been slimed until their skin was stained green, been dunked head to toe in a pool of baked beans, and eaten more Wrong Town Dinners than they can count… it’s safe to say that they’re are a bright shade of “Nick Orange” through and through!